About Us

BedSurge.com – The World’s Largest Virtual Hotel

Big events bring big money into town – and big crowds, too. Suddenly, there’s not a bed to be found.

Maybe you’re a fan who’s looked forward to the event for months – but you didn’t book a room months in advance. Panic!

Or maybe you live in the town, but you’re not into events like this. The place is crowded, it’s noisy, prices go up, and someone else is making a packet from your inconvenience. Nightmare!

Maybe you work in a local tourism body, and your town can’t host a big event because the hotels are booked out. #HeadDesk #HeadDesk #HeadDesk …

But BedSurge.com can help ALL of you.

It’s an online letting and hospitality service targeted at private lettings markets with sharp surges in average rental prices. Some people have rooms they’d be willing to rent out. Other people would pay a good price to stay in those rooms. But when a big event hits town, this has got to happen fast. Our company uses our own patent algorithm to dynamically price each property, to fetch the best market value for it. (An algorithm is a special mathematical formula that helps you predict things. It’s a bit like a magic spell – except that it really works.)

Our algorithm applies a combination of marketing rental values and data from multiple reliable sources. That’s how it decides an optimum price for a property. BedSurge is the brainchild of two friends, Fabrizio and Aadil, who co-founded the company after a eureka moment. They’d managed to let out their flat in Cardiff for a whopping £3,500 for a 3-night stay. They put that money into setting up BedSurge.

Dynamic-pricing needs a critical mass of units to sell. BedSurge places blocks of properties on the market. The algorithm monitors prices achieved, and the rate of sales. It adjusts prices for the benefit of our clients. Quite simply, individuals acting alone cannot achieve this. We bring rooms and guests together all over town – and the increase in rent that we achieve more than compensates for the commission we charge. We combine this with a full-service offering that allows our customers to ‘throw us the keys’ and leave all the nitty-gritty to us.

BedSurge creates a valuable brand for people requiring quality accommodation during event-driven peaks. They’ll get a real full-service experience when all upscale hotels are already booked out. Our company combines the face-to-face experience with the power of the latest technologies. We get more properties on the market to answer peak demands and deliver a first-class experience to people paying top dollar to be in the right place at the right time.

BedSurge operates where it finds demand exceeding the supply. Our technology is constantly monitoring the hotel and lettings market for opportunities to open new doors.

Our Service:
When hotels and local accommodation providers in that strange town can’t cope, BedSurge fills the gap. If you’re our customer, we knock on doors and find the homeowners ready to let you use their lovely home during the event. We as a company use some amazing tech – but it’s our people power that clinches the deal. People won’t trust us with their homes until they’ve met us and learned to trust us. Once we’ve established that personal bond, it’s then they’ll let their homes be released onto the market.

Our preferred booking.com has strict rules about how a home should be presented to you, the customer. All personal possessions are removed. Everything must be spotless, using hotel-quality linen and toiletries. When you book with us, you’re paying a premium price as demand has well and truly outstripped supply. When the costs are that high, you’ll have high expectations. And for every moment of the event, representatives of BedSurge will be available 24/7 to talk with you and discuss your requirements. Our people will make sure your experience of staying in a pleasant home matches spending a night is a smart hotel.